Accredited Investors

Income greater than $200,000 ($300,000 with Spouse)
each of the prior 2 years with an expectation to earn the
same in the current year, or a Net Worth over $1 million
(excluding the value of a primary residence).
Accredited Investors
For accredited investors looking to further diversify their portfolio, we offer advanced investment and financial services to help fill those needs.

We offer

  • Cryptocurrency Education & Investing
  • Modern Art Investing
  • Foreign Citizenship by Investment
  • Pre-IPO Investments


Interested in BitCoin and other cryptocurrency but not sure how it works or how to invest? We will analyze whether it is a proper investment for your situation and educate you on the best ways to purchase BitCoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Modern Art Investing

Interested in having a small ownership stake in a multi-million dollar painting. It’s possible with the use of specific trading platforms. We will show you dozens of modern artists, the value of their art, and how to best invest in these pieces.

Foreign Citizenship by Investment

Have you ever contemplated living part-time in Italy, Spain, the Caribbean, and 23 other countries while enjoying the perks of citizenship? It is possible with investment in real estate of as little as $300,000. We can help you make this a reality.

Pre-IPO Investments

We can help you gain access to purchase shares in companies before they go public, providing an opportunity for potential significant growth once they do.