Investment Property Analysis

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Investment Property Analysis
Investing in Real Estate has been one of the most effective ways people have been able to exponentially grow their wealth over time. It not only is a great hedge against inflation, it also creates a passive income stream, and equity that can be used for future investments. Like all investments, the ability to collect the right data and analyze whether or not it is suitable, is of the utmost importance.

Services We offer

  • Data Gathering
  • Property Assessment
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Loan Analysis
  • Annual Review

Data Gathering

It is not uncommon for investment property sellers to keep inaccurate records, or no records at all of their property’s financials. We can help you assess the accuracy of a seller’s pro-forma information or find the necessary data if no information was given.

Property Assessment

We can help connect you professionals to help you fully assess the property, from builders that can give you estimates on necessary repairs/renovations, to real estate agents that provide market analysis on the area you plan to purchase in.

Cash Flow Analysis

We calculate key financial figures such as Net Operating Income, Return on Investment, and Cash-On-Cash Return to give you an idea of the financial performance of the property, and whether the property will give you the return needed to move forward with the investment.

Loan Analysis

Procuring a loan to purchase an investment property can be an arduous task. We can guide you through each of these steps, analyzing multiple loan estimates to make sure you get the best rates and terms without paying unnecessary fees.

Annual Review

Mortgage and Insurance rates can fluctuate quite a bit on an annual basis. Each year we will review your current mortgage rate and insurance premiums, to see if there are opportunities to refinance your loans and restructure your insurance policies to be sure you are minimizing operating expenses as much as possible.
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